Tuesday, 21 July 2015

First post! How to start?

How to start a blog? How to start an art blog? How to start an academic blog?

These are the three questions I googled twenty minutes ago. 

It did not take me long to start this blog because I have been thinking about it for a while! BUT I did not know how to start and how to make it interesting to readers (still a work in progress). 

Basically, this blog has three aims:

- talking about art
- sharing the LOVE for decorative arts 
- giving me a platform to share my research

I would like this blog to be a platform for young researchers and young artists to share their views either on their work or on their passion. For instance, I love wallpapers from the 19th century but also contemporary quilts. So, expect a bit of everything!  

For a more formal presentation: 

Hi! I am A., an art history graduate who lives in England (originally from the continent!) and who is passionate about decorative arts, from wallpapers to pots (explaining the name of the blog!). I would like to share with others my different interests and research while promoting young artists.

Thanks for reading my first blogpost (I might have had a fashion blog for two months when I was 16 but it doesn't count, does it?)

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