Monday, 30 November 2015

My PhD Life: Quick Thoughts

The narcissist title can be easily explained, I am only talking about my situation and not about PhD students in general (to be fair every situation is different!). I am working on interior decoration and the Gothic Revival, a study of artistic and industrial links between France and England. The research focuses on potential links between the two countries in the context of commercial Gothic Revival furniture during the 19th century.
I have started my PhD last September, so only a few months, but I can already see pros and cons.

- Research: I love doing research and really enjoy finding articles or archives material! This is one of the reasons I have decided to do a PhD, I need to learn!
- Responsibility: it might be strange but I am glad I am setting deadlines and objectives to myself (and with my supervisor) it makes me feel like a grown-up!

- Loneliness: as a distant learner student, my university is based in France, I feel lonely sometimes and miss having other students around me.
- The outside world: most people do not care about my PhD! Yes it is obvious the world does not turn around PhD students but... at first it hurts to see people not interested in your subject (to be fair I am not the best at explaining it!)
-Imposter syndrome: recently I read this great article which analyses links between women and the imposter syndrome. I can't deny I feel the same, I am still wondering why me and how I have ended up in a PhD program.

To sum up, I love being in my research bubble but find it hard to interact with the outside world about my work BUT blogging is great to share my passion and write more. 
My work experiences tend to push me more and more towards public awareness and enjoy talking about arts and artists to the general public, just need to push myself to talk about MY ideas.

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