Friday, 12 February 2016

Introduction to Wallpapers Studies

Wallpapers studies, a neologism, have been developing for the last twenty years, more and more scholars are now interested in wallpapers, an enthusiasm shared in all decorative arts. 

Wallpapers studies gather several aspects, you can be interested in the technical side, with the history of paper and history of techniques along with the history of industry. Another aspect is the history of taste, and how and why people chose a type of wallpapers to cover their homes. Historian of economy and trade are also involved with their knowledge of the trade industry and its development. Art historian are heavily involved in these research, looking for motifs or stories of artists and designers who worked for manufacturer.  

This article aims to be a first step towards discovering the fascinating world of wallpapers, compiling books and references to browse and enjoy. This is not an exhaustive list and revolves primarily around 19th century European wallpapers. It is also recommended to look at the bibliography given by the Wallpaper History Society. 


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