Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Day in My Life : part-time PhD Student

Here is a typical day as a part-time PhD student. Obviously I picked a 'study' day but it would be interesting to do an evening 'study' routine as well.

8.00am: First a cup of tea! (Yorkshire tea obviously)

8.30am: Gathering my notebooks, following Ellie Mackin ideas I now have several notebooks for the different parts of my research: Archives, Primary Sources, Bibliography,  Manufacturers and Blog.

9.00am: To-Do list for the day: prep. for my next London trip, finish the outlines of the second chapter, read Fran├žois Pupil's book, send emails and write this blogpost (!)

9.30am: At the Library

10.00am: Distracted by the view

11.30am: Finished the outline!

2.00pm : Back home to do my readings (more tea at that point!) 

4.00pm: Bibliography

5.00pm: Prep. for the next study day! Going through books I will work on next time and select the different chapters I need. (Disclaimer: I use way too much paper as I need to have physical copies of what I read, the photocopy machine is my best friend!) 

5.30pm: The End! I am not an evening worker so I just chill in the evening or cook a nice meal rather than being unproductive on my computer (I admire people who can work at night!) 

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